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We concern crystallography, electronic and magnetism in functional materials. We are committed to developing a fundamental understanding of how novel physical properties arise in those material systems.
  • Group Honor of the Year

    Milestones & Honors

    -Congratulations to Prof. Tseng for being appointed as the chief strategy officer, office of semiconductor international cooperation.

    -Congratulations to Prof. Tseng for being appointed as the associate dean, international college of semiconductor technology.

    -Congratulations to Yu-Han Huang for being awarded the NSTC Ph.D overseas exchange scholarship (will be exchanged to University of Minnesota, U.S.A. this summer).
  • Group Honor of the Year

    Milestones & Honors

    -Extra, extra! See our research breakthrough on MRAM in collaboration with ITRI:

    -Congratulations to our undergraduate student Yen-Ting Song who received TSMC scholarship.

    -Prof. Tseng successfully hosted the online NYCU-IITD (IIT Delhi) bilateral workshop on May 6th which is to promote the joint degree PhD program.

    -This year, our group was sponsored by TSMC (NT$5.3 million), PSMC ($1.5 million), ITRI ($0.5 million), INER ($0.5 million), to pursue high quality research.

    -Congratulations to both Yu-Han and Chih-Yu for winning the NYCU High Profile Publication Award.

    -Congratulations to Yu-Han's paper (Advanced Functional Materials) appearing at NYCU headline:

  • - Congratulations to Dr. Chao-Yao Yang, the first PhD student of the group, who was offered research assistant professorship by NYCU Dept. MSE.

    - Congratulations to Prof. Tseng for being appointed as the associate vice president of office of international affairs, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University (NYCU).

    - Congratulations to the granted MOST industry & academic alliance project (5 years (2021~2026), with a total budget of NT$ 4 billions), where Prof. Tseng will lead the sub-team of spintronic logic device (magneto-electric spin-orbit device).
  • - Prof. Tseng appointed as Distinguished Research Fellow by industrial technology research institute (ITRI).

    - Prof. Tseng appointed as Distinguished Professor by NCTU.

    - Group research appears at Taiwan Research highlight: “Materials Development Towards an Energy-efficient Spintronic Logic Device”
Yuan-Chieh Tseng
The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.
Yuan-Chieh Tseng

Yuan-Chieh Tseng